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Hantex(KSHWCS Ltd) ,was formed by amalgamating the  three central co-operative societies,the Kerala State Handloom Weavers's Society of Malabar area  headquaters at Kozhikode from north Kerala,Cochin Central Handloom and Handicraft Marketing  Co-operative Society  with the headquaters at Trissur from central Kerala and Sri.Moolam Central Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society with its headquaters at Thiruvananthapuram from south Kerala in 1961,in accordance with the Special Provision Act passed by the Government of Kerala.

            The name Hantex is the society's trade name,around 450 handloom societiy's are members of the Hantex.Member's of the Hantex are limited only to primary handloom societies and spinning mills.

          Hantex is one and only protective umbrella for the weavers in the co- operative sector in Kerala to market the produces of weavers co-operative societies.The registered office of the society is in Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala.Hantex comprises of 4 Regional offices, 7 production centers,4 Factories and 98 showrooms.

          Hantex having over 7 production centers and 98 sales outlets with most modern infrastucture to market hand craft fabrics,furnishing,made-ups , Sarees , traditional wears etc,strictly in tune and harmony with eco friendly norms for internal and external markets.

          Hantex operates trade fairs and exhibition in major cities of the state during festival seasons like Onam , Christmas and Vishu.